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why you should invest in space education

The UK Space Sector is set to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the next 20 years, growing to a £19 BILLION industry in 2020, and onwards to a £40 billion industry in 2040, promising an increased demand for skilled professionals in the industry.

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£40 billion

£40 b

£30 b

£20 b

£10 b





demand for talent

With this growth, there is set to be an influx of 100,000 new jobs available in the next decade, requiring highly skilled and motivated individuals to fulfil these roles.

Students in high schools across the UK MUST get involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at this stage, in order to fuel this exciting economic shift.


STEM is Essential

As STEM sujects become more prominent in our national and international economies, there will be a greater requirement for students and young adults to be skilled in STEM subjects.

Proficiency in any aspect of STEM is set to become a prerequisite in more than 80% of new jobs in the next decade- strengthening the need to equip students with the skills required to be successful in any career they choose.

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