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Take your Brand to SPACE: The ultimate viral marketing campaign

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

How Stratonauts takes brand marketing campaigns to new heights, and how you can too.

Space, the Final Frontier. The destination once reserved for only a few, Astronauts and governments for research and science. Space is seen as the ultimate destination for exploration, representing the cutting edge of the best that Planet Earth has to offer.

Actually getting to Space, however, has always come with stratospheric costs - getting off the planet is no easy affair - and so bringing amazing brands, products and businesses to a place unknown to most has forever been reserved to the few.

Stratonauts, however, has taken a different approach. Flying to over 100,000ft, the Edge of Space, brands and businesses alike can go to the next level with their Viral Marketing Campaign, and showcase their products and ideas in the most extreme and beautiful of backdrops, in a campaign like no other.

The viral response, is simply COSMIC. Here's how the likes of Brewdog, Unilever and Simon Howie have taken their campaigns to the next level, and how you can get involved too.

The ULTIMATE marketing campaigns: By the numbers

Stratonauts' customers have utilised the unique capability of flying to the Edge of Space to get jaw-dropping footage for their viral campaign efforts. The Edge of Space has the unique ability to captivate the audience and generate share-worthy content, spurring a huge return in potential reach.

Unilever and Algida Turkey recently teamed up with Stratonauts to launch the iconic Twister Ice Cream to the Edge of Space, in the release of the new Twister Cosmix Ice Cream. The campaign was launched with over 590,000 participants in the live broadcast of the launch, and captured 26,084,203 total views, 75% of which were unique reach to the target audience.

Simon Howie also experienced campaign heights like no other. The launch of the Simon Howie 'Space Haggis' was a truly international campaign, sparking viral reach across several major news outlets, such as CNN, Sky News, LadBible and even appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The campaign took the Simon Howie brand across international waters and into the phones, feeds and screens of new customers and enthusiasts alike, and amassed over 1.5 Billion views across the scope of the campaign, including engagement from famous celebrities such as Sir Chris Hoy, James Corden, and Janey Godley.

See below for the footage:

Flights to the Edge of Space are a completely new and unique way to engage customers, new and existing alike, and sparks a totally unique type of viral growth not seen anywhere else.

Taking YOUR brand to the Edge of Space brings your product to screens and feeds of amazed people around the world, and brings your brand into the conversation around the office coolers and dinner tables globally. Who wouldn't want to talk about a Haggis that has been to Space?

Take YOUR campaign to new heights

Stratonauts are keen to work with exiting and adventurous brands, who wish to do extremely adventurous projects for simply epic campaigns. We only do firsts - so we will work with you to create a campaign that is truly historic, exciting and out of the box. We are looking for brands and products who are up for the challenge of launching into completely extreme environments, and look to do truly hallmark showcase campaigns and activations. The numbers speak for themselves; viral Edge of Space campaigns have wildfire reach and are measured in the millions - they are truly out of this world.

If you are up for the challenge - great! We would be delighted for you to fly with us.

Send us an email at, and we can start your mission.

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