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Space Exploration is the ultimate multidisciplinary challenge, and so the Stratonauts Education program brings together skills from multiple sectors to achieve the common goal of reaching the Edge of Space, utilising all aspects of STEM and the arts.

The Stratonauts Education Programme equips students with the highly transferrable skills required to be accomplished individuals in the modern world, in any career they choose.

By becoming Stratonauts, Students will be exposed to advanced technology, and will develop their problem-solving, leadership, teamwork and communication skills, with a challenging and highly rewarding goal.

The Stratonauts Education Program is designed to enhance the High School education experience for students, and as such compliments the National Framework in STEM. 

The program can be tailored to your individual students' needs, leading to a highly effective bespoke program for your students. 

Why space?

£30 b

£40 b

£20 b

£40 billion

the Next Frontier

The UK Space Sector is set to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the next 20 years, growing to a £19 BILLION industry in 2020, and onwards to a £40 billion industry in 2040, promising an increased demand for skilled professionals in the industry.

£10 b





demand for talent

With this growth, there is set to be an influx of 100,000 new jobs available, requiring highly skilled and motivated individuals to fulfil these roles.

Students in high schools across the UK MUST get involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at this stage, in order to fuel this exciting economic shift.

inspire the future

Run a Stratonauts Education Program at YOUR School

Key features

flight to the edge of space

focused on inspiration

cutting-edge learning

We wish to enrich the Learning Experience for both students and educators, and as such have developed a groundbreaking e-learning package, for educators to get to grips with and teach this exciting content. 

The hallmark of the Stratonauts Education Program will have your students design, build and launch their very own experiment and payload, to be sent to over 100,000ft.

Their experiment will be used to gather real-world data, and may be used to generate groundbreaking science here on Earth.

Our Stratonauts pride themselves on inspiring the future generations to pioneer this new and exciting age in STEM, and so place a priority on engaging students of all interest levels, to get the most out of the Stratonauts Education Program and beyond.

expert guidance

first-class service

science communication

Science and Experiment analysis must be communicated to the world, to Broaden the Horizons of as many young adults as possible, and so Stratonauts will provide media coverage of the course and launch, as well as a presentation ceremony, whereby the Students will recieve their mission completion certificates, and be inducted with an official pin as a qualified Stratonaut!

We will provide you with the highest level of service before, during and after your Stratonauts Education Program.

From working with you to develop a course that is most effective for your students, to ensuring the highest quality delivery of your chosen package, our Stratonauts will provide everything you need to get your own course off of the ground.

Our Stratonaut Ambassadors will be an integral part of the process, from teaching the course, engaging the students, guiding you through every step, and providing launch operations.

All of our Stratonauts are Verified STEM Ambassadors, are University students specialising in a variety of STEM fields, and have passed our Stratonaut Recruitment course.

start a program

the Stratonauts Education Programme

our plans

Choose your Mission Package:

  • Mercury

Our starter package will be suitable for teams who wish to only get to the Edge of Space.

  • Gemini

This package will give your Stratonaut Student team everything you need to become Stratonauts, including expert tuition and guidance from our qualified team of Stratonauts

  • Apollo

Our most comprehensive package available, featuring the opportunity to talk to a real Astronaut, as well as a high-profile Stratonauts Award Ceremony

Talk to an Astronaut

COMING SOON:- Speak to a real Astronaut! Have an inspiring one-of-a-kind Q&A Session with one of only a few people to have left this Earth.

Launch kit

We will provide you with all the launch kit you require to successfully complete a Stratonauts Mission to the Edge of Space. This includes: Camera GPS trackers Secondary tracking system (Cellular/Radio) 'Black box' data recorder Styrofoam Experiment materials Stratospheric Balloon (size as required) Helium Line regulators Launch ground sheet Nitrile Gloves

Launch Support/Flight Planning

We will take care of all legal civilian/military requirements needed for pemission to launch to the Edge of Space, and use sophisticated weather prediction software to establish a launch window for a successful flight.

Mission Complete Certificates

Following a successfull mission, your team will receive Mission Completion Cerificates as patr of their formal accomplishment in becoming a Stratonaut

Stratonauts Education Program

Our Flagship Education Program, which places a direct focus on inspiration, using Space as a platform for Students to improve their leadership, teamwork and communication skills, and become the STEM leaders of tomorrow. Our program includes:

  1. Expert tuition from our STEM-qualified Stratonauts, all of whom are involved in the STEM industry today
    • You will learn about:
      • How to run a mission to the Edge of Space, the challenges involved, and how to work as a team to achieve a goal.
      • Answer the most important question in Science:- 'WHY?' Develop a hypothesis about a problem you think needs to be solved, and apply the scientific method to solve it.
      • Learn about the bigger picture- how humans can stay in space, what keeps them healthy, and how we can survive on Mars.
  2. You will work with our Stratonauts to design your capsule and experiment, build the components and test them, to ensure they will stand up to the harsh environment at the Edge of Space.
  3. You will predict the time and location of your launch, with sophisticated flight prediction software.
  4. You will assemble your payload, and LAUNCH!
  5. Following a successful recovery, you will retrieve the payload and analyse the data recovered.

Mission Handbooks

Every student will recieve a comprehensive Mission handbook, covering all aspects of the challenge ahead, and allows them to log their notes as the mission progresses.

Mission Patches

EVERY mission requires a mission patch, and our team of Stratonauts will work with your students to create a series of Mission patches, describing the aims of their chosen mission. One of those patches will be chosen by our panel of VIP judges, and manufactured as the Official mission patch for your mission, for each student to wear with pride.

Stratonaut Pins

As part of becoming a Stratonaut, each student will recieve an Official Stratonaut pin, signifying they have been part of a mission to the Edge of Space, and will be recieved during our Stratonaut Awards Ceremony.

Stratonaut Award Ceremony

Following a Successful Mission, Students will be recognised for their achievements in a high-profile Stratonauts Awards Ceremony, where they will be presented with a Stratonaut Pin, signifying them as true Stratonauts, a Mission completion certificate and their own bespoke Mission Patch. This has the opportunity for speeches by local industry experts, our Stratonauts and professionals. The newly-inaugurated Stratonauts will be able to present their mission research and experience to their peers, parents and teachers.

Payload Display Case

Following a successful mission, the newly-inaugurated Stratonaut Students will complete a Science communication workshop, outlining the aims, goals and results of their mission, to be displayed inside a showcase, alongside the flown payload, to be displayed at their school.




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