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The Debrief - Space Haggis with Simon Howie! STRATO-008

The year was started with a bang with Stratonauts’ most prolific campaign to date, and how was it done? With a Haggis.

Stratonauts had the privilege of flying prestigious Simon Howie Butchers on STRATO-008, taking their Haggis to where no Haggis had gone before- the Edge of Space.

The flight took place in honour of Burns’ Night- Scotland’s national celebration to commemorate the famous Scottish Bard, Robert Burns.

The mission, taking Simon Howie’s traditional Haggis to over 100,000ft, into -64 degrees Celsius temperatures and up to 150mph speeds, was launched from Simon Howie’s HQ in Perthshire. Simon Howie himself had the pleasure of launching the flight, the payload consisting of haggis with Stratonauts’ onboard avionics systems lofted by a massive 5m diameter meteorological weather balloon, to space.

The payload performed better than hoped, with the vehicle reaching a maximum altitude of 102,284ft and a maximum descent velocity of over 187mph.

The view at the top was spectacular and the Haggis survived where no haggis has gone before…

Simon Howie, first Haggis at the Edge of Space.

The flight was a tremendous success, however news of the mission had captured the inspiration and awe of people far and wide across the world- Space Haggis went viral.

Space Haggis takes on the world

Despite being the national dish of Scotland, the Space Haggis pushed the global boundaries of recognition of Simon Howie Butchers and the food itself. The Space Haggis campaign quickly became a viral success across Scotland and the UK, following its release on Burns' Night, a natural highlight of the day. The Haggis found itself in print, media and sprawled across the national internet, featuring on Front Covers of the Telegraph, Sky News and even making a feature on LadBible.

However, this wasn't the end for the Haggis' surge across the globe. Being an instantly recognised, loved and loathed icon, flown to heights only enjoyed by the likes of astronauts, the Space Haggis caught media attention internationally. Featuring on Reuters, ABC News, CNN and even a spotlight on James Corden's 'The Late Late Show', the Space Haggis captured audience and celebrity attention alike, igniting a frenzy of engagement, conversation and buzz about Simon Howie Butchers and the Space Haggis the world over.

The flight in numbers

The Space Haggis campaign for Simon Howie took viral marketing though the vehicle of Spaceflight to a new level - literally. The numbers simply speak for themselves:

The Space Haggis captured over 1.5 Billion interactions across the internet, of which 92% included a key video/image of the campaign. The campaign crossed the webpages and newspapers of over 600,000 customer-range individuals, and takes its place as the first Haggis to be flown to the Edge of Space, putting the 'astro' in gastronomy.

Stratonauts are pleased to not only have achieved this monumental mission, but to have worked with and delivered a viral campaign for a truly fantastic client, Simon Howie Butchers. Here's what Clair Howison, Brand Director, had to say:

"Achieving worldwide press coverage for our ‘Space Haggis’ for Burns 2021 was obviously a huge success and delivered everything we hoped for and then some. While some might think we got lucky, I know, having worked closely with Stratonauts on this project, that a lot of what felt like the stars aligning for us was down to their expertise and hard work. ‘The perfect day’, ‘the incredible footage’, ‘the safe retrieval’ was all weeks, even months in the planning for Stratonauts. They came, they did their stuff and the results… were out of this world."

The future of the Space Haggis

This campaign had the intentions of both spreading the message of Simon Howie Butchers' high quality products, and inspiring the future generation of Space Explorers. Simon Howie Butchers also share this vision, and so are partnering up with Stratonauts to deliver a series of STEM Education Masterclasses to local schools and commmunities in early 2022.

As for the Space Haggis itself... well, should it be the first thing an alien encounters when visiting Earth, we hope they would think it was, as the Scots say, "Pure Deid Brilliant!"

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Take your brand to the ultimate marketing arena - send us a message at

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